Circle Council

Jay Woodwolf

Clan Chieftain 

Jay is a student of Druidry with Druid orders and The Irish Pagan School. He also has studied Wicca and Dragon Magick. He has led rituals, started the Bluewater Pagan Conference, taught classes and more. 

Meadows Woodwolf

Treasurer Chieftain 

With her background as Banker, Meadows has the knowledge needed to help the group with any business-related issues. Meadowsweet is a Solitary Celtic Pagan and student of The Morrigan. 

Basic Rules

  • Woodwolf Pagan Circle has a zero tolerance for drug use, we will not tolerate anyone under the influence any mind-altering substance. Do not bring any drugs, this includes marijuana, to any Woodwolf host or cohosted events.
  • Alcohol is only present during ritual as an offering or a toast to the gods and will be provided by ritual leader. An Alcohol substitute, such as a juice will be provided to those who are allergic to alcohol and those under 21.
  • Woodwolf Pagan circle is not a cosplay group. we ask that you come dressed appropriately. Ritual garb is allowed.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to attend ritual. However, during Pubic activities outside of ritual children under the of age 16 may attend with The Parent member. Parent Member is responsible for their children at all times.
  • Membership can be extended to children of parents who are members to 16 and 17 years of age and may attend ritual with their parent. Parent is still responsible for child.
  • In Private setting, the rules of the homeowner, rentee, lessee will take priority over group rules.
  • Leaders reserve the right to excuse anyone from group activities for violation of precepts at any time.
  • Woodwolf pagan circle, the leaders therein, and members are not liable for any instances, that may occur on behalf of any individual that attends any event with Woodwolf Pagan Circle.

About Us

Woodwolf Pagan Circle is committed to helping each individual member progress on their unique spiritual path with great emphasis on personal growth and development.

 We recognize that the pagan community is diverse in its ways, so we strive to provide a safe, secure and stable environment in which everyone can explore, learn and grow.

We help to foster our members with their own spiritual beliefs and being able to share their own thoughts, ideas, questions, skills and practices knowing that the Craft is a vibrant living tradition which thrives on fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. 

We strive to deliver well structured, high-quality and in-depth study programs, which are designed to give our members a well-rounded and thorough knowledge of Paganism, Craft teachings and practices. 

We try our best to uphold the standards of each tradition with sincerity, authenticity and honesty. We also celebrate the eight Sabbats of the traditional Pagan "Wheel of the Year", bringing wisdom and balance through the performance of rituals that help us connect with the divine and other natural energies. We work magick during the phases of the moon for Healing; Self-improvement; Spiritual growth; Wisdom; Guidance; Happiness and for other positive ends.


  1. Know thyself
    • The journey to any spiritual path starts with oneself, we teach  introspection to our personalities and take an active approach to making an inventory of our strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Know thycraft
    • You have the freedom to choose your own spiritual journey, however once you choose a spiritual path, we encourage you to know and discover the the truths of that spiritual path.
  3. Loyalty to yourself,  Family, your clan and your friends
    • In all that you do consider its benefit or harm to yourself, your family, and your Clan. Your duty is always to yourself, your family, and your Clan.
    • One who puts you in harms way is not your friend.
  4. Teach the spiritually young.
    • The Spiritually young are those that are new to paganism, this has nothing to do with age. one can be 40 and be spiritually young. we provide our spiritually young members with basic pagan knowledge and ethics.
  5. Protect your loved ones
    •  Never neglect your family, your Clan, or your friends. Have the fierceness of a wolf in their defense and always be certain they are provided for before starting any endeavor.
  6. Honor the Elders
    • Have respect and honor for the Elders, For they will assist you in your endeavors if you do.
  7. Teamwork
    • We encourage our members to work together and help each other out with both the mundane and spiritual lives.
  8. Wildness.
    • Wildness is the act of learning from nature, being spiritually connected to the earth itself. Learning about what the mother provides, food, medicine, and energy. Everything in Nature is connected and interact with each other. being silent and listening to the flow of life.
  9. Instincts
    • We learn how to develop a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking. Like animals, we to can learn to sense behaviors and patterns both in nature and with people. 
  10. Endurance
    • We learn how to endure unpleasant or difficult processes or situations without giving up. Learning to become spiritually mature is a difficult process and we believe that it takes many years of study and the practice of your craft. The Gods will not help you unless you help yourself.